Shepherding Groups 

In a large congregation like Woodward Park, it is difficult for the elders (shepherds) and the members to get to know each other personally.  By organizing the congregation into smaller groups, each with its own shepherd, it is possible to more effectively minister to each one's individual needs.

What do shepherding groups provide?

- Opportunities where you can GRASP a relationship with Jesus Christ and discover what it means to be a Christian. 

- An environment where you can EXPAND and grow your relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christians through fellowship and discipleship. 

- The ENCOURAGEMENT to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in every area of our lives and His love and grace through worship and      ministry.

- The sufficiency to PRODUCE new Christians through careful study and application of the Scriptures.


Young Professionals (Room 201)

This is a group that is geared towards ministering to those individuals who have graduated from college and are making the transitions to professional and family life.  However, our group is made up of members from a variety of age groups, both married and single.  The defining characteristic of our group is a community of individuals seeking to serve God, each other and our community.  Our Sunday morning Bible study mixes a variety of topical and textual studies aimed at deepening the relationship of each member to Jesus Christ.  The class is a very informal, discussion oriented, format with coffee and snacks enjoyed by all. Our group plans various activities outside of the class time to help foster relationships among out members.  Additionally, we are involved in a number of community outreach activities, like providing backpacks to local school children and organizing an annual blood drive.

Come and join us and you will find a group of loving, caring individual, ready to come along side of you in your walk with God.  Class meets every Sunday morning at 10:30 in room 201.  

United Parents (Room 109)

This group is joined together to build a strong bond to be UNITED in support of all. it is designed especially to keep close ties to all the youth of this group. we have fellowships that includes high school and college age kids in order to build relationships.  

Seekers (Auditorium)

This group is comprised of people from a wide spectrum of ages who are seeking a further knowledge of Biblical truths.  They meet every Sunday morning and on special occasions.  Taught by evangelist Joe Boe.

LeE Fellowship Group (Room 111)

This is a group made up of mostly young working/retired grandparents and parents of adult children.  Older singles are also welcome.  Ages in this group range from 40 - 70 years old.  They meet every Sunday morning for bible study and once per quarter in members homes for fellowship. They love to learn, love to laugh, and most of all, love God.  

senior saints (room 114)

This group consists of older saints whereby they have a greater awareness of the spiritual and physical needs of members. It provides an environment whereby each member can be a part of a small group within the congregation. Collectively, this group will have "potlucks" and other social activities to help the members become better acquainted and to more effectively minister to the needs of "one another." Because of the diversity in the group, each member has many different avenues they can pursue that they feel comfortable doing. These include: praying for the sick, etc., inviting others to attend worship and bible classes, adopting a widow or widower, visiting the shut-ins or sick in the group, helping with transportation for those who need rides to group events, making phone calls, and hosting a potluck at their home. Depending on their spiritual growth, men may wish to lead singing, lead public prayers, or teach the Bible class. This group provides structure to enhance the Sunday morning Bible study time. When the group meets together, prayers are offered for particular needs, such as deaths, sickness, travel plans, and times of thanksgiving.