Auditorium Class:   Seekers

Teacher: Joe Boe

Topic of Study:  1 Corinthians 

A study of the church in Corinth. 


Room 109: Young Families/United Parents

Teacher:  Steve Stoll

Topic of Study:  "That the world may know"

Inspiring videos will be used in a study of the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt and their sojourn to Canaan. Themes will include: "He heard their cry"; "Fire on the mountain" and "Walking with God in the desert". Applications will be made to our Christian life today. 


Room 111:  Adult

Teacher:    Darrell Hefley

Topic of Study:   James living faith


Room 113: Adult

Teacher:  Rodger Yarbrough

Topic of Study: Fathers of the Bible 

Fathers of the Bible, lessons we learn, both good and bad. 


Room 114: Adult

Teacher: Gary Villamor

Topic of Study:  Come Follow Me

To become disciples of Christ. 


Room 201: College Age

Teacher:            Matt Beene    

Topic of Study:   Spiritual Leadership

We will look at the characteristics of spiritual leaders in the church and how we can develop them in our lives.


Room 203:  Young Professional

Teacher:    Joe Couto 

Topic of Study:   Basics of Discipleship 

This will hopefully be an open discussion of the practical application of the principles of discipleship and a sharing of personal experiences.