Auditorium Class:   Seekers

Teacher: Joe Boe

Topic of Study:  I & II Peter, Jude

An exegetical and practical application of these 3 New Testament books.


Room 109: Young Families/United Parents

Teacher:  Jack Wheeler

Topic of Study:  Book of Job

“Patience” of Job.  What would you say if I said Job was “NOT” a PATIENCE MAN?  What about Job’s wife?  Was she a supportive wife?  Have you ever lost a Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, or Child, and then ask God, “Why Me”?    Have you ever lost a job and have been in great financial trouble?  In our study, we will try to answer these questions and how we deal with the trials of life.


Room 111:  Adult

Teacher:    Mike Avedikian

Topic of Study:   Humility - Selfless in a Selfie World 

Jesus tied a towel around his waist and stooped to wash his disciples’ filthy feet – this shocking and unexpected act shows the importance of serving one another with humility.  Two-thousand years later, we need to realize the importance of humility in our Christian lives.


Room 113: Adult

Teacher:  Ken Moshier 

Topic of Study:  “That the World May Know"

Inspiring videos will be used in a study of the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt and their sojourn to Canaan.  Themes will include: “He Heard Their Cry”; “Fire on the Mountain” and “Walking with God in the Desert”.  Applications will be made to our Christian life today. 


Room 114: Adult

Teacher:            Joshua Cantrell 

Topic of Study:  A Part of the Family 

Studying the Word of God with a personal, family of God approach/ I and II Peter.


Room 201: College Age

Teacher:            Matt Beene    

Topic of Study:   Spiritual Leadership

We will look at the characteristics of spiritual leaders in the church and how we can develop them in our lives.


Room 203:  Young Professional

Teacher:            VARIOUS TEACHERS

Topic of Study:   Biblical truths for everyday life.