Auditorium Class            

Teacher:  Matt Holcomb 

Topic of Study: TBA


Room 103                

Teacher:   Joe Boe

Topic of Study:  Discussion of various subjects. 

Students ask pressing question on any Bible subject or Bible passage.  We have no restrictions on the Bible question you may ask.  Together we attempt to find the answer to the question from the Bible. 


Room 201:   College Age    

Teachers:  Matt Beene

Topic of Study:  Proverbs

Wisdom is hard to find in the world but the book of Proverbs is full of wisdom that can help ALL aspects of your life.


Room 109:  LADIES CLASS         

Teacher:      Cheryl Rowe

Topic of Study:  CELEBRATE RECOVERY – Character Building 

The process of change through incorporating God’s word into our daily lives.


Room 111: Institute of Bible Studies    


Topic of Study:  OLD HISTORY (Part 2)

The Old Testament is the history of God’s dealing with His creation, and the sovereign providence of God.