We are proud to announce that Woodward Park Church of Christ’s annual spiritual growth workshop is back beginning Friday, September 23rd at 6 PM. This time with a new, streamlined schedule and a new name… EQUIP! The theme this year will be “Our Strange, Alien Existence” as we journey through Peter’s first and second letters. The world we live in is topsy-turvy. Isaiah 5:20 reminds us, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Our culture, which once embraced and championed Christian thought and beliefs is now rapidly moving away from those things. Now more than ever, Peter addresses our need as God’s people to navigate the world and work for God within our culture. How do we as Christians relate to the culture with Christ-likeness and grace, while maintaining our dedication to godliness in the face of adversity? We hope to let God’s word show us the way. We ask you to pray about this and we look forward to seeing you at this year’s EQUIP!

Click here to check out the schedule for the weekend. 


Equip 2016 



Curtis Baker 

Curtis Baker was born and raised in Neosho, Missouri.  He attended the Sunset International Bible Institute.  Upon graduating there in 2002 he finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and Ministry at Lubbock Christian University in 2005, as well as a Master’s of Arts in Biblical Interpretation in 2007.  Curtis has been the preacher for the Hearts Together Church of Christ in Slaton, TX since May of 2007.  He is married to his wife Olya, and they have three sons together: Andrew, Luke, and Elijah. 



Brandon James Evans has preached for the Central Church of Christ in Delano, CA for 17 years. He is husband to Christine Evans and has two children, Madison and Tyler. Brandon writes a Christian Commentary for the DelanoNow.com online news site. He also is Kern County’s Welfare-to-Work Program Director and in that position he manages a staff devoted to helping people find jobs and work toward self-sufficiency.



Billy McGuiggan was born in Bangor, Northern Ireland and moved to America in 1998 to attend the AIM (Adventures in Missions) Program in Lubbock TX. In 2000 Billy started attending Sunset International Bible Institute and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelors in Biblical Studies.  Billy began preaching at the Natick Church of Christ in Natick, MA in June 2003 and preached there until May 2014.  Billy began his ministry at Three Chopt Church of Christ in Richmond, VA in May 2014. Billy is married to Melissa whom he met while attending the AIM program. Melissa and Billy have 3 wee ones: Alex, Evelyn, and Aidan.