Once a month the congregation comes together for a community wide food giveaway. We come in contact with hundreds of people who we can share Jesus' love with. We receive donations from the local food bank and local grocery stores. Lots of preparation goes into this throughout the month-it is needed and we are so happy we have been given this opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 


Vacation bible school

For four nights in the summer we provide a fun bible learning experience for children from both in the congregation and community between the ages of 2 years through the 6th grade. Our theme this year is Submerged - Finding the truth below the surface (Psalm 139: 23-24) Please join us this year on July 10th-13!



IMPACT Fresno creates a great way for us to learn how to impact others in our community like Christ would. Sometimes we are faced with the question, "what can I do?" This is the answer to our question and it gives us a great chance to learn HOW to impact others through service. Make sure to check back for updates for Impact FRESNO 2016.